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Stainless Steel Straws

The set of Stainless Steel Straws by EcoTribe is not only a gift for your loved ones. It is a gift for the future of humans and our planet Earth. This collection of 4 reusable metal straws and 2 beechwood holders helps you to be closer to zero-waste philosophy, and thus save the planet environmentally-friendly for your children.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Straws by EcoTribe

The easy way to live consciously

Stainless Steel Straws by EcoTribe is another reason to say ‘goodbye’ to single-using items. This kit of reusable drinking stuff will replace hundreds of plastic straws that you throw in the trash after using at once. It also an easy way to lessen carbon trace and resist plastic pollution.

Mindful gift

The set by EcoTribe looks both chic and simple. Whether you select it for yourself, take as a gift for a good friend or going to use it together in the couple, Stainless Steel Straws is the right choice. The manufacturer offers the selections of 1 wooden holder and 2 straws with 2 brushes for cleaning, 2 wooden holders with 4 straws and 2 cleaners, or 1 single wooden holder. So, each straw is easy to carry and use on the go, just choose your selection.

Safe materials

Each straw by EcoTribe is produced from quality stainless steel. Due to the thoughtful polish, it is not scratching your lips. Unlike cheap plastic models, Stainless Steel Straws have complied with FDA standard and safe for regular usage. These metal straws with eco-friendly holders and cotton brushes are also free from BPA and toxins. Moreover, they are suitable for a dishwasher.

Perfect for trips

Stainless Steel Straws by manufacturer EcoTribe are created for pleasant travel and drink on the go. Its 9.65-inch beechwood case carries one 8.5-inch straw and one 9.25-inch brush. Thus you can enjoy your favorite beverage everywhere you go. The elaborate and ergonomic design fits in your backpack or briefcase and easily blends with the other items inside.