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SPUNKYsoul Bohemian Bracelet

Do you like the bohemian style and unique bright accessories? If you answer positively, you will probably appreciate SPUNKYsoul Bohemian Bracelet. Without any doubts, it can help to create an original inimitable look. The design of such a cuff bracelet is timeless, it emphasizes your individuality and in independence. Besides, it is convenient, durable and will serve long years. The size of accessory is suitable for most women; it will also fit all ages. It is a truly nice combination of high quality, fascinating design, and low price.

High quality and perfect fashion

The bracelet is made of stainless steel with wooden, glass and metal beads of different shape and color. Its length is 6.42 inches and height is 1.9 inches, which is optimal for a hand of an average female. Moreover, it is absolutely safe to wear and won’t provoke allergy, as it doesn’t contain lead and nickel. It is also lightweight and easy to wear and to take off; surely it won’t damage your skin.

Due to gorgeous design, this accessory can improve either your casual or holiday look. It looks exotic, you can combine it with other different items. The color spectrum of beads makes it suitable for clothes of any colors. As the bracelet is handmade, it is literally unique and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, there is a special gift box and net beg to present it to somebody or to keep safely at home.

Of course, this bohemian style bracelet is a superior gift for a woman or young lady. It is pleasant to look at and to wear. Being presented in a branded box or a bag, it will cause a lot of joy and admiration. You may present it as a gift for a birthday, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day or any other significant date. Your mate, girlfriend, wife, sister or mother would be happy to receive such a beautiful thing.

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