Sprout color pencils

What are you expecting from color pencils? Obviously, to carry out their mission well. But what about surprising extra possibilities of applying? The Sprout color pencils offer a fun and unique way of use afterwards they run out. Cool concept of the practical multi-purpose gift is going to impress your families or friends! It is 100% eco-friendly tool for those who love nature and gardening. Appropriate for kids, teens, college students, and adults as well. Perfect stocking stuffer, Birthday or Christmas present, and many more.

What does the set include?

The set comes with 8 nicely crafted color pencils and mandala coloring book. The pencils consist of a solid cedar wooden body and a strong lead that draws smoothly. Convenient to hold, pleasant wooden smell. What is the difference? Instead of eraser end, there is a capsule with the seeds of various herbs on each pencil, plus the name of a future plant printed on the body.

It would also be preferable to plant the seeds within 1 year. We recommend storing them in a cool dry place. You can choose planting in the flowerpot or outdoors in the garden.

Why the Sprout color pencils is an excellent gift for children?

First, the coloring set is a key how to get your kid away from the screen. Suited for coloring, drawing, sketching at home or school. This creative activity is able to occupy a kid for hours! Above all, the objective is to teach the kids in playful way how to care of Mother Earth. Since the pencils are biodegradable, a young explorer has a chance to learn the importance of recycling. Moreover, watching something is sprouting and growing day-by-day turns out a magic for a little one and for an adult. Green grows up to 40 cm.

The Sprout color pencils are carefully handmade by ‘Sprout World’ company in Minnesota.