Spinning Balance Board

Searching for a gift to surprise your sport-loving friend? Conversely, trying to prove somebody with your gift that workout is not a boring routine? Spinning balance board ‘Whirly Board’ will impress both of these guys! Spinning indoor activity is a fun way for challenging yourself. It helps to improve skills in spatial awareness, agility, and balance.

You won’t get bored soon! This board combines possibilities for fun and for progression as well. Beginners enjoy it as an entertainment; advanced ones have limitless options to practice in skate style tricks. Agility and balance skills will be useful for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. If you have a passion for board sports, this activity is definitely for you!

Kid’s favorite

Offer your kids an enjoyable energetic game that will exercise their coordination. Moreover, Spinning balance board encourages self-motivation and not giving up. They can make a competition among their friends to find out who is the neatest and balanced in spinning and tricks.

Office energizer

Make an active break during your working day. Keep your legs fit and amaze your co-workers with some attractive tricks on a Spinning balance board.

Your workout complement

Get more benefits from your basic workout! No doubt, it will be complete and more efficient with balance training. Work on your agility and balance together with strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. In addition, ‘Whirly Board’ helps to strengthen core muscles.

Challenging idea

Good balance is not your strong suit? So don’t hesitate to try it! Balance board gives a chance to increase your stability and most importantly, makes you proud of yourself by doing something adventurous!

‘Whirly Board’ originated as a startup of Cork Rubber. He is into wakeboarding and snowboarding. His idea was to create something fun and helpful with balance and agility. Spinning balance boards are handcrafted. High quality is a top priority of this project. A lifetime guarantee is the best proof of construction strength and durability of this item.