Speed Cube Set

Enjoy your family time together with Speed Cube Set by Roxenda. This classic color-matching puzzle is a great choice to get your kids busy, boosts their motion skills and acumen. While your little one will twist and turn the vivid sides of the cube, he or she will also teach how to solve problems. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose this set as a gift for your kids or parent friends. The manufacturer recommends it for children ages 3 and up.

Advantages of Speed Cube Set

Both for beginners and advanced players

The set of colorful, different-shaped figures can grab the attention of children of all ages. Like a traditional puzzle cube, the cubes from Roxenda required to put the only color for each of their six sides. The Speed Cube Set comes with 2 regular cubes with sizes of 2 x 2 and 3 x 3. It also includes the pyramid-shaped puzzle figure.

Anti-pop design

Speed Cubes by Roxenda are high-quality toys with the stabilized design. Thanks to the careful corner cutting and sturdy construction, it offers safe playing for your kids. The optimized structure also promotes easy and fast rotation of color pieces.

Smooth turning

Get ready to play with Roxenda Speed Cubes immediately after receiving the purchase! Already adjusted and lubed, these toys give an only smooth experience. Moreover, their design lets you customize each toy according to your kid’s needs. It allows loosening or tightening the pressure of cube via turn-screw, exactly for your little one.

Clever idea for parents and teachers

Roxenda Speed Cube Set is a perfect idea to spend more quality time together with family. It also makes a great idea for an activity in school classes. This classic game is an irreplaceable way for intellectual stimulation and memory improving. Your kid can play separately or organize speed competition for friends. Beyond doubt, these toys will give hours of pleasant gameplay.