Spa bath pillow

Obviously, water procedures bring us not only cleaning the body, but rest and emotional balance. In the rush life only bath can be our ambient space, when time stops, world melts away and we can stay here and now just as we are. Spa bath pillow will help with it.

Home spa experience

Spa bath pillow is a choice for best relaxation while taking bath. Maximum comfort waits for you thanks to the special two-panel design and soft inner filling of a pillow. Your head and neck, shoulders and back will get support and relief. An extra thick pillow will hug your body with its softness and smoothness. You will love perfectly matched orthopedic shape of the pillow. By the way, the size is 14×13 inches.

Fits any bathtub

Are you tired of bath pillows, which slide down in the water? Spa bath pillow can fit bathtub, spa pool or jacuzzi as well. The hinge is able to flex and attach to any kind of tab. In addition, spa bath pillow got four suction cups. Because of their strength and extra size, they keep pillow fixed in the same place even on a slippery surface. Your head will stay totally positioned.

Easy to use and keep clean

Spa bath pillow has anti-microbial and fungus/ mold resistant features. Special fabric allows air and water to flow through the pillow. It dries quickly after every use or washing. These reasons provide easy care and long lifetime to the object.

Perfect “take care” present

Spa bath pillow is an excellent present for different occasions: Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday of your mum, friend or your beloved.

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Indulge in your health and well-being! And don’t stop giving good mood and pleasure to your loved ones!