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Soft Washable Book Set for Kids

The first soft book is just what you need for your baby’s early education. Special cloth, bright design, durable material, not easy to be torn, can be washed!
This book is a toy which is not toxic and so nice to touch and don’t worry if your baby wants to take it to the shower, the special waterproof material won’t let the book be torn apart.
The set consists of 6 little books.
Soft books with various pictures and colors will draw your baby’s attention and will be a nice teaching tool. There are many funny characters and bright images which your baby will love!
The book teaches basic reading and understanding, first communication and sensory skills, stimulates imagination and infant memory of the first year of life, improves coordination of hands and eyes.
Different themes are presented: sea and animal worlds, fruit and vegetable and many more.
If the child takes the book into his mouth, high quality cloth and hypoallergenicity will provide safety for your baby.
These books are perfect for children from 3 months to 3 years.

100% quality guarantee!

Let your child grow and educate easily in a playful way with this soft book set!