So Cute and Soft Marshfellows

Almost everybody likes marshmallows. They are soft and so tasty, but have you ever thought there is a toy so soft like a real marshmallow? Furthermore, marshfellows produced by Golden Bell Studios are so cute, that you will want to hug and squeeze them all the time. Besides, it’s a great gift idea for children or even women, especially before Christmas Day. Just imagine a cup of hot chocolate, sweets, Christmas songs and this cute little toy. All these things will bring happiness to everyone.

The Legend of Marshmallowy

The people in Golden Bell Studios even made up a story about Marshmallowy, the kingdom of Marshfellows. And it is so exciting and fun that you certainly have to read it before the purchase of the toy. Besides, it will be a good idea to baste up your own story about this cutie.

Though marshfellows are so soft like real marshmallows there is one big difference between them. You won’t believe, but marshfellows don’t melt in the sun! That’s why your child can take them everywhere because these little friends are really keen on different adventures.

And take into account that Golden Bell Studios make their marshfellows using super soft minky fabric. Besides, every seam of the toy is double-stitched to prevent it from tears. In addition, marshfellow is designed with embroidered eyes, mouth and cute pink cheeks.

Take this little friend and help it to find a new home. And there are no doubts that your child will love this toy after the first squeeze! And don’t forget that the marshfellow is an ideal present for the people who have a sweet tooth. This toy will relax you and make your life a shade better and happier.  Besides, marshfellow is the best way to cheer up and put a smile on your face.

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