Smoothie blender

Smoothie is incredibly healthy, full-energy meal, which satieties the body with vitamins and nutrients. You can make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner; enjoy it for dessert as well. If you are into a healthy lifestyle, smoothie blender will be a principal assistant on your kitchen. You’ll see that body detox and losing weight can be simple and tasty. Smoothie doesn’t take much time to make it. With smoothie blender and several products, you get a healthy nutritious beverage in seconds. Actually, the consistency of smoothie makes it primarily food than drink. It is advisable for a smoothie to contain proteins, fats, and alimentary fiber. In other words, in addition to fruits or vegetables, you must add a protein powder or yogurt, nuts or seeds. Smoothie blender is perfect for making fitness drinks, milkshakes, mixed drinks, cocktails, cream soups, salad dressings, baby food.

Technical characteristics of smoothie blender

900 W Power with 18000 RPM motor speed of Smoothie blender ensures quick chopping up fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

There are 6 leaves with 2 layers of blades (hole blade, blunt blade and hidden sharp edge) which help to crush even large ice cubes easily.

Smoothie blender comes with four BPA-Free Tritan containers (32/24/18/12oz). Each container has different size, just choose what you need.

Push the button to turn on the blender – and that’s it!

The feet with anti-slip suction keeps blender fixed in the same place even on the countertop.

Detachable blades are safe for the dishwasher. You can put them on cups & lids top shelf. It is possible to clean smoothie blender by blending water with a drop of soap. By the way, this model doesn’t take a lot of space on the counter.

Smoothie on the go

You will get travel lid together with the smoothie blender and containers. In this case, the container/ cup turns into a travel bottle. It is so convenient! Pop the travel lid on and take smoothie or shake anywhere you go.

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