Smiffy’s Women’s Mini Witch Hat

Halloween is a special holiday when people of all ages love having fun, wearing costumes and scare each other. One of the irreplaceable parts of celebrating Halloween is taking part in costumed-parties with colleagues, friends and relatives.

Most important part of Helloween is a bright mascarade. Usually, people prepare in advance the attire for the holiday. It is so because of the important point of any festive party – the delivery of the main award for the best costumes. Entertainment centers and shops prepare themselves beforehand for the holiday. Their approach can be observed in the design of storefronts, streets, houses. They are dressed up with images of ghosts, witches and other mystical characters.

During Halloween celebrations, there is a traditional treatment of kids with sweets. People are decorating the house and buildings, cutting out a pumpkin lantern, apples, sprinkling hens, catching apples from a bucket, playing, telling horrible stories, watching horror movies, etc.

It is a widespread tradition to prepare not just any costume but a mystic costume in particular. Man wear vampire costumes and women often decorate themselves as witches. In that case, this Smiffy’s Women’s Mini Witch Hat will be a perfect accessory for yours or friend’s costume.

Important features of a Mini Witch Hat

It suits any head size. So it will be perfect both for an adult and for a child. This mini witch hat will be a perfect suit for the carnival, theme parties and Halloween.

The material of the hat is 100% Polyester. So take this into account and wash this mini hat with your hands and not with the machine washer.

The hat is pointy black on a headband with feathers and net overlay. The mini hat has a black veil with small spiders that adds to it a flavor of a mystic and makes you look elegant and stylish.