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Smart tracker tag Nut 2

Smart tracker Nut 2 is a perfect gift idea for those who often forget their stuff like a wallet, phone or keys. If your pet is more valuable than any gadget or money – Nut 2 will come in handy when your doggy is out of view. It’s time to get rid of such irritating problems like losing your favorite and important things.

Smart tracker Nut 2 tracks things and pets in seconds

People’s memories are getting worse. We own lots of things and leave them everywhere around the house, on the office desk, in cafes and airports. When somebody can’t find their phone they usually call it and follow the ringtone. But what if there is no second phone to call or your phone is currently in the silent mode? Nut 2 allows you to ‘call’ not only a phone with a dead battery, but also keys, wallet, travel suitcase, and even pets.

How it works

Nut 2 look like an ordinary key ring and weighs only 10 g. Put it inside your wallet, attach to a tablet or another phone or hang on your dog’s collar. The tag pairs with Android and iOS smart devices via Bluetooth. Download Nut application and track your valuables: tags will appear on the map.

When indoors, Bluetooth connection is stable from up to 10-meter distance. Once the connection is broken, the app will immediately notify you. Or another way: carry the tag in your pocket and it will start ringing once too far away from your smartphone, e.g. you left it on the table in a café and about to leave.

When outdoors, the connection range grows up to 50 m. It is useful when playing outside with your dog: the Tag won’t ring every time the pet runs away to catch a ball. If the connection is broken the app saves the last recorded location of the tag. Move towards it and once close enough the Bluetooth connection will renew and the app will relocate the tag.

Big cities are full of pocket thieves. If your smartphone is stolen in the subway, the tag will notify you only when it is minimum 10 m away. Enough for the thief to leave unnoticed. To avoid such situations it makes sense to set your own safe distance for the tag.

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