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Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2

In 1810, a French watchmaker Abraham Breguet created the world’s first wrist watch. It offered only one function – showing time. Two hundred years later, since Breguet’s invention, people still pay for a device that does exactly the same – shows time. The 21st-century wristwatch should offer something more than just hours and minutes. And that’s where a smart bracelet takes over. One of the top market players – Mi Band 2, has earned millions of users around the world due to its ‘good quality at a reasonable price’.

General features

Light. A capsule with all the digital stuff and elastomeric band make up 19 g. You feel the bracelet at daytime and forget about it completely while sleeping. The bracelet’s compact size allows it to easily slip under the calves of your shirt. That won’t work with most brutal-looking, G-shock-like wrist watches.

Long-standing battery: 70mAh Lithium Polymer battery keeps the bracelet on up to 30 days. Charging last around 1 hour.

Waterproof: Mi Band 2 has IP67 waterproof rating. This means it can stay in the water for half an hour without any consequences. Wash your hands comfortably, swim with it, and don’t be worried about your bracelet.

Smart features

Accelerometer measures steps and converts them into the distance (km or miles). After setting your height and weight in the mobile application, Mi Band will also show the calories burnt.

Heart rate monitor. A useful feature for athletes and everyone who does sports carefully. If your heart rate exceeds the level recommended for your age and type of activity – sports becomes unhealthy. Whenever you measure your heart rate, Mi Band stores all the data. Sync it with the original mobile application and your heart rate statistics is ready.

Sleep tracker. Keep the bracelet on when going to bed and it will check the quality of your sleep. We recover most during the deep sleep phase. Mi Band tracks it and gives suggestions on how to increase your deep sleep time.

Alarm. Ringtone alarms are always stressful for your body. Instead, a slight vibration will wake you up truly gently.

Fitness tracker. How many km did I run this month? And the last one? Have I improved my results since then? Mi Band collects all fitness data and tracks your improvements. Receive a detailed result after each running session. Location, distance, time, average and highest speed, heart rate chart – all these will help to analyze your progress. 

Idle alert. The smart bracelet will vibrate when you have been inactive for an hour. That means ‘Hey, buddy! Time to get up and move a bit!”

Swim, run, cycle, work out – the smart bracelet will track all your physical activities. And yes, it also shows time.

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