Sleep Sound Machine

Make your personal audio environment everywhere you need. Get a perfect level of relaxation through the calming sound. Improve your concentration during studies or work. Or protect the privacy of your conversation. The Sleep Sound Machine can be your personal assistant for better sleep and good repose. It offers white noise and fan sound to mask unpleasant background sounds such as the noise of the street, traffic noise, television broadcast or commotion in the house.

The best way to relaxation or deep concentration

Take control of your life with simple steps. Start to be a more effective worker and active citizen. Do it the easiest way — reboot your sleep cycle and learn how to do five-minute break for your mind at work. There is a hard task if you are not an early bird and light sleeper. Also, it is very difficult to keep concentration on things you have to do if you member of a big noisy family. Or you work in the open space. The Sleep Sound and White Noise Machine is a solution to reduce the effects of all these cases. Use it in the office or study area and notice how it helps to keep focus and do tusks better and quickly. Also, use it to protect deep and healthy sleep.

Advantages of Sleep Sound Machine

20 sound settings

The Sleep Sound Machine by LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises. All the electric sound options can be personalized with pin-point volume control. There are fun noises such as large fan, industrial, mellow, exhaust, attic, circular, vent, box, oscillating. Also, this gadget offers different modes of pure white noise.

Simple control

Get a perfect level of relaxation with Sleep Sound Machine. This device is straightforward to use and appropriate for people who do first steps in using electronic devices. For example, grandparents or teenagers. You can select it for the family member, a close friend, loved one or a colleague. It will be a good gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Mothers Day, birthday or any other occasion. To start the rest session, plug the USB power cord, turn on the machine and choose ideal fan or white noise mode. Also, you can set a volume level and use a 60-minute sleep timer.

Ergonomic design

The Sleep Sound Machine is made in hexagon shaped design and looks like as a mini-speaker. Due to the small size of 4.4 x 2.2 x 4.4 inches, it is suitable for home or office and good for travel. You can take this gadget to the vacation, to work or use it only in your own room — everything you want.