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SKLZ Accelerator Pro – indoor golf putting tool

Are you a golf lover or thinking to please someone who is obsessed with golf? Looking for the best gift for your male friend or a relative? Or maybe you want to relax after work with your friends and try something entertaining and calming? Then SKLZ accelerator pro is something you should consider buying today.

It is an indoor golf putting device with a never-ending ball return. The tool allows you to train without a break. SKLZ Accelerator Pro patent system of ball return lets you focus on strokes, rather than on re-setting the ball each time. Just imagine, you hit the ball and it returns on its own each time when you miss the hole. This is a dream coming true!

This great gift makes your skills better and golf training more effective. Miss your putt and the ball will roll back to you on the putting green surface.

Enjoy putting practice anytime anywhere with sklz accelerator pro

Indoor golf putting tool has the upslope and simulates the real surface of a golf course. Now you can decide when to play golf and do not depend on the availability of the gold field. With sklz accelerator pro you can play in any weather, even when there is snow outside. Simply install the setting in your living room and enjoy the game with your friends, kids or relatives.

Aligning of lane marking (3, 5, and 7 feet) provides an opportunity to achieve the consistency in your putting (squaring the face, follow through, back swing).

Indoor golf putting tool can be easily transported to any new location within your house, office or brought with you to friends. The dimensions of the tool are 9 feet by 16.25 inch. With such size, this indoor sklz putting green mat can fit in almost any room of a house or an office.

What is important, a manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year, so if there is any problem with the sklz putting green mat you can rely on professional support and help.

Enjoy your training with SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting mat!