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Silicone Oven Mitts

Home cooked meals… There are so much heartfelt and warm feelings laid in these words! They remind us about our close people and happy family time together. But what makes these moments even more pleasant? Obviously, helpful tools makes things easier and faster. And if you are in search of such tools as a gift, you’ve come to the right place! Great gift idea for Mother’s Day, housewarming party, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and many more. The Silicone oven mitts will delight your Mom, grandma, aunty, wife, or someone else significant in your life who is passionate about cooking and baking. The essential kitchen supply turns out to be an amazing investment for their safety and convenience. Express to your close ones how you care! Nice bonus if you choose the mitts for your families, they will definitely encourage more cooking experiments.

Key features of the Silicone oven mitts

You get a pair of oven mitts made of food grade silicone for the outer layer. From the inside, there is a polyester cotton for filling and a solid but soft fabric for lining.

Heat-resistance is up to 500°F. Appropriate for a stove, an oven, a microwave and BBQ as well. Non-slip grip texture on the palm surface provides extra heat releasing and convenient holding. So, grab a hot pan, a cookie sheet or a pot with no problem!

Unlike cloth mitts, huge advantage about the silicon kitchen gloves they don’t absorb spills and food odors. Moreover, since the set is waterproof, the moisture doesn’t soak in. No worries you’ll get a burn if you happen to wet it. All these reasons make them durable and super easy to clean. Just wipe them off with soapy water or use washing machine.

A perfect length ensures hands and wrists protection. The baking mitts fit both large men’s hands and smaller ones comfortably as well.