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Shot Glass Roulette

The game is created specifically for big and fun companies. There are no winners or losers! It was designed to make your party more diverse, original and super fun!
This mini version of a real casino roulette contains 16 glasses with two or three numbers on each of them.

The rules are very simple and diverse:

Option 1

During the rotation of the roulette, one player throws a ball. After it stops in a cell, a player drinks the glass.

Option 2

Pour different drinks like vodka, wine, beer, cognac, fruit juice and tea in all glasses. Players must throw the ball in turns and drink from the right glass.

Option 3

Glasses are filled with water or vodka. The contents of the glass will be a complete surprise for each player.

Option 4

You can play “truth or dare”. Each participant is assigned a glass number. Each player decides to answer a tricky question or to drink.

Diameter: 30 cm;
Height: 6 cm;
Diameter of a glass in the upper part: 3.5 cm;
Height of a glass: 4.5 cm;
Weight – 960 g.