Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager

Whole family care

Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager will become a good friend for all your family. It is your professional massage experience at home! It helps to get relaxation in the evening, to release body, mental and emotional stress after working day. The ergonomic design of massager allows satisfying all your preferences and needs. It’s possible to use it not only for neck and for shoulder, but for arms, waist, upper and lower back, legs, foot as well.

Choose the right position, switch on the function you need (heat, strength, vibration) and enjoy your personal massager effect. 15 minutes – and you feel newborn! Even if you have a long period neck or shoulder pain, after every day use you definitively will get better.

Heat function

One of the massager functions is infrared heating. You can switch it on when you need it to warm your neck and shoulder. Gentle heat will help to release body cramps and muscle tension, to improve blood circulation.

Hand vibration function

Hand vibration control is a way to relieve your aching hand muscles from tiredness. Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager touches your skin like soft human hands.

Intensity control

There is an option to adjust the intensity of shiatsu neck and shoulder massager. You can choose one of three strength levels: low, medium and high. Find the required pressure and let your pain go.

Massage balls option

Four massage balls with each minute auto-reverse provide deep kneading and maximum massage effect. For your personal convenience, the direction changes easily by pressing the direction control button.

Your safety protection

Most people prefer massage before sleeping. Don’t worry to leave the massager on. In case you fell asleep it will turn off automatically. Overheating protection device makes it after 15 minutes of work.

Portable and easy to use

It is easy to use neck and shoulder massager where you want: in office, in a car, on a trip. It comes with a car charger and home power adapter. The long cable length offers extra comfort and space.

Best gift idea

Shiatsu massager will be a pleasure as a gift for your parents, family or friends!

By the way, shiatsu massager in conjunction with Himalayan crystal salt lamp will provide maximum relaxation.