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Shampoo Brush

Shampoo Brush is a must-have for everyone who cares about health and beauty. If your memories about visited spa or hairdresser are bright enough, and you are missing the heavenly experience of a scalp massage, this product is a perfect choice. Besides the super relaxing and enjoyable, this procedure also has lots of benefits for your well-being. The gentle scalp massage promotes the growth of hair. It stimulates blood to run to the follicles and nourish them. Moreover, the massaging process, during hair washing, helps to shampoo and balm for deep distribution their natural components into the skin cells. And, of course, such brush helps to clean hair thoroughly with using a little amount of your favorite care product. So, do you have any doubt to select this product? No? We do not have, too!

Advantages of Shampoo Brush by MAXSOFT

Ergonomic handle for perfect grip

Shampoo Brush is the adorable tool for your bathing time. It gives you lots of benefits via easily-to follow extra points in your beauty routine. This shampoo brush by the manufacturer MAXSOFT is a delicate scalp massager that you can use by yourself. Due to the ergonomic design, it fits well in the palm and has a facilitating effect for the shampooing. The soft silicone tips of this hairbrush stimulate the capillaries which boost blood circulation while you distribute your favorite hair product. And by reason of the Shampoo Brush is lightweight and tips are flexible, you can use much pressure for deep massage, without worrying about damages.

Foolproof to use

The Shampoo Brush can be used both in the shower to divide shampoo, and outside the bath for a relaxing dry massage. Both of that options are extremely easy-to-follow. If you practice this brush in the bath or shower, before using it, apply a proper amount of your product into the roots of wet hair.

Take the Shampoo Brush by MAXSOFT in your palm with the silicone tips, that facing away from your hand. Then, hold the handle in the fingers for a fixed grip and much control. Beginning from the top of your head, carefully move the brush over the whole scalp. We also recommend taking focus on areas with desquamating or dry skin. If you are the owner of long hair, do not pull Shampoo Brush by MAXSOFT through the entire length of the hair.

The Shampoo Brush is produced to be an enjoyable and helpful gift for you or your loved persons. It is suitable as a little pleasure for a good friend or family member. We sure, both men and women, kids and adults will like the brush for scalp massage by the manufacturer MAXSOFT. This product is safe for health and can be used in the everyday beauty routine.