Scratch off world map with outlined US states

When old people are asked regarding their biggest regret the majority of them say that they would like to travel more. Travel opens our mind, brings new experiences, emotions, and knowledge. It is always exciting to see new places, get to know new cultures, languages, cuisine, and drinks. An expectation of another journey is a unique feeling that brings us joy and keeps us energized every day. For those people who love to travel or who want to travel more, it is important to track their progress and tick new places they visit. And for this, there is nothing better than a huge scratch off world map with outlined the US states that you can hang on your wall.

Key features of the scratch-off world map

  • The map in the form of a poster has an ideal size of 24 per 32 inches. Such size lets the designers to clearly outline each border of each US state. So basically you get two maps in one: scratch off map of the world and scratch off map of the US. 50 states scratch off map lets you ticking those states that you have already visited, or were born at, or went to college.
  • This large scratch off map will be a perfect instrument to learn more about the world geography. So giving it to your child is a nice idea. The package includes easy to use accessories: 6 double-sided adhesive tape dots to stick your map on the wall and a special tool to scratch off the places you’ve visited. In addition, there is a cloth to remove any scratch residue. In addition, the package includes a protective tube and 1 e-guide about traveling around the world. So every Wond3rland world map arrives in perfect condition.
  • This scratch off map poster has a special packaging with “From:” and “To:” section to surprise anyone with your personalized gift.

This large scratch off map large will be a perfect gift for Boss Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and even a Valentine’s Day.

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