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Scanmarker Air

Scanmarker is a handheld scanner that copies printed text, transforms it into digital and sends to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. Designed by TopScan, world’s leader in scanning technologies, Scanmarker Air has earned thousands of fans around the world. And you may become one of them!

Scanmarker Air – a student’s must-have

If you often enter a lot of information from paper into computer, doing it manually takes a lot of time. To do it a bit faster you can scan the page and then use a text recognizer to get an editable version. But what if you don’t have a scanner nearby? Sometimes you need to quickly scan something, edit it and send to your colleague, but there’s no laptop at hand.

Scanmarker is an easy and portable solution for such cases. With the size of an ordinary marker (139x35x35 mm, 65 g), Scanmarker does its magic in front of your eyes: quickly scans a printed text and transfers it to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The device recognizes text and inserts it into common programs like Word, Excel, Evernote, Google Drive apps etc. Ready editable text appears on the screen of your gadget with 14 cm/s speed. Isn’t it wonderful?

Scanmarker is handheld and doesn’t require any special skills: just hover the scanner over the line and it will be immediately displayed in a text editor currently opened on your devices. A handy and useful tool to use in the office, school, library, and at home too.

Additional features

  • Text to speech
  • Translation of the scanned text into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Esperanto – more than 40 languages in total;

Scanmarker Air works on Android OS (4.3 and higher) and Mac iOS (7.0 and higher). If you use Windows OS on your PC, it must be version 7 or later ones, for Mac – OS X 10.8.

For who

Scanmarker Air will be a perfect gift for everyone who deals with documents: students, lawyers, doctors, managers, and accountants. If you need to scan a few docs at the same time, combine paragraphs from different sources into one text, translate unknown words or full sentences, edit a draft and email it to your boss, with Scanmarker you can do it fast and easy. Better performance and more free time with high technologies.

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