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Savanna inflatable couch

Savanna inflatable couch is an air bed that is ready in 15 seconds. Before we get down to its main features here is the answer to the question ‘Why buy it?’ Inflatable couch allows you to relax in places where you couldn’t put your feet up before. And that’s what matters when it comes to your comfort.

Wherever you are with the inflatable couch

When out in nature, on a picnic, camping, at the airport or by the pool, nobody would refuse a comfortable bed to relax and snooze in. With minimum effort, Savanna air sofa is ready to use in 15 seconds. No pump and blowing required.

Need to move on to another location? Blow the sofa off, roll it into a nylon carry bag that comes in the set and you are ready to go.

Lightweight materials and high durability

The couch is made of polyester and PE. Its weight is 1.27 kg – much lighter than standard bag chairs. At the same time strong: holds up to 200 kg.

The couch is tear-resistant. Put it down on grass, sand and even rocky surface.

Easy set-up

No need to carry a pump – the couch is ready in 15 seconds with just a few simple movements. Hold the opening and walk straight against the wind to scoop the air inside. Then roll the ends 4-5 times, clasp them and buckle. The set includes two securing stakes to keep your air bed stable when the wind is blowing.

Off to float

Use it as a water mattress too. The inflatable couch is waterproof and easy to clean after a day on the beach.  


The couch starts deflating after 12 hours. This means you can have a proper night sleep in it.  

All the stuff at hand

Additional mesh pockets on the sides to keep books, tablet, phone, and water bottles at hand.

Party style

Place a simple LED-lamp inside your air lounger to make it look magic in the dark – a great idea for a beach or pool party! Savanna inflatable couches are available in 7 different colors.

Don’t worry about the packing after the party is over. Folding inflatable couch takes as little time as inflating it. Nylon bags will keep them compact and organized so that your air sofas won’t end up chaotically stacked in the basement.

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