Runaway Alarm Clock

Have hard moments while getting out of cozy bed in the morning? Runaway Alarm Clock is what you need to prevent a series of lateness and oversleeps due to the next ‘just five minutes.’ This clock will literally run away from your bed and require getting you up to stop his alarm! Clocky does his job on pretty much any floor covering. Moreover, it can jump from a height of 3 feet, which higher than a common nightstand.

Advantages of Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

For inveterate sleepers of all ages

Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for a person, who feels everyday trouble of waking up. Across the whole world, this smart gadget sits on nightstands and help to get sleep-lovers up. Whether the recipient of your gift is a preschool age child, a college graduate or an office worker, this alarm clock will help him to start an active day easily.

Only one chance for snoozing

Runaway Alarm Clock is the crazy gadget that does not give an opportunity for your oversleep. Due to the design with rubber wheels, it will jump away quickly, if you try to turn it off more than one period. Thus, at the time of the second alarm, the Cloky makes a sound in an unexpected place: from under the bed, far corner of your room, and so on. Therefore, you must get out from bad, and find the clock to stop the alarm. This clever clock does his job both on a carpet, wooden floor, etc. It also moves in a random direction and changes way after meeting some furniture.

Snooze customization

Add your personal setting to Runaway Alarm Clock. This clock allows to choose the snooze period and manage time. When you set snooze the next interval, Clocky will operate into motion. Do not want to postpone getting up? If you a lucky one, who gets up from the first time, you can set the snooze mode off. When alarm stops, Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock will no jump and waste your time.

Extra loud alarm

Runaway Alarm Clock guarantee your wake up. Due to the truly loud robotic sound, the Clocky leaves no chance for lateness and oversleep. Even inveterate participants of the love-to-sleep community will not miss his beeping.