Round Woven Ata Rattan Bag

Every woman wants to be pretty and stylish. Accessories are very important for the creation of a trendy look. How many bags do the girls usually buy? One can never have too many. Moreover, all ladies cannot cope without a beautiful high-quality bag that is big enough during their summer vacation.

Key features of the Round Woven Ata Rattan Bag

Those women who want to highlight their individuality prefer boho style or country clothing. The smell of freedom, youth, and spontaneity. The tone of romance, dreams, magic always accompanies such garments. There is something special in this style. Maybe, it’s a quintessence of womanhood and tenderness. Besides, nowadays in the era of rapid technological development, all of us aim to have much better contact with nature. It is the ecologically friendly way of living that implies wearing clothes and accessories of natural materials: wool, cotton, silk. Country and boho style-clothes are always wearable and comfortable, especially for traveling.

Shawls, scarfs, neckerchiefs, and, of course, bags. Rattan bags take a special place in the rating of trendy accessories. According to many stylists, basketry bags fit perfectly any style. Thus, French women wear rattan purses in the city. Such a fashionable crafted item would be a great gift for any woman. That is a good present for Easter, birthday or another occasion. To make sure you buy really high-quality stuff, pay attention to the Bali Harvest Round Woven Ata Rattan Bag.

Unique and stylish

This is an exclusive handmade purse manufactured in Indonesia. The leather strap on this bag is very durable. A lovely button clasp is made in complete harmony with the belt. This wicker bag has a circular shape. Its diameter is 7.9 inches. The inner lining with a nice colorful fabric gives the item particular charm. The bag is not very large but it is capacious enough. You will easily find the room for your smartphone, keys, a cardholder, a makeup case, and other necessary things in this wonderful bag.

The brilliant design of the purse is the result of time-consuming manual labor. The exclusive technique of weaving, firing and drying over coconut husks of the basketry used by Indonesian craftsmen gives the item durability and special golden tint. Choose the Woven Ata Rattan Bag as a present for your wife, mother or sister. This purse will perfectly emphasize a unique style of each woman.

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