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Ron Weasley’s Wand

Novels about Harry Potter have been popular among kids and adults for a long time. The English writer J.K.Rowling became famous due to her bestseller with gripping plot and vivid descriptions. The movie based on the novels was a great success. This is an incredible adventure story of the young wizard and his friends. Main heroes of the saga have magic wands. Everyone who wants to be a true magician also dreams of those tools. Wizards always keep the manufacture of such a “weapon” under their hats. In the series of fantasy novels by J.K.Rowling the great wand maker Garrick Ollivander knew how to cope with this magical stuff. And now you can gift Ron Weasley’s Wand to a fan of the story.

Why this gift will be a great one?

The popularity of these books is completely understandable. All the children like fairy tales. There are elements of magic, mystery, the powers of good and evil, colorful characters. At the same time, the fantastic goes hand in hand with reality. The readers face situations that they have in their everyday life but with the touch of sorcery.

Diving into the magic world, young adventurers identify themselves with main heroes of the books. Children always like to play. They need a real attribute of a wizard, a wand. All Harry Potter’s fans would be happy to receive such a wonderful present.

The best option for such gift is The Noble Collection Ron Weasley’s Wand. Ronald Weasley is the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. They studied at Hogwarts School of Magic. The wonderful toy is certified by Warner Brothers. It looks like a replica of the magic tool from the movie. The wood has a deep brown color. The small certifying card document is included as well. The length of the is wand 14 inches. It is packed in a beautiful box lined with a thin fabric. This toy is very well-made. It is easy and comfortable to hold. The wand will last long. This is the best gift for children aged from 8 to 13 years old.

Teens can play with the wand or just simply add this item to their fabulous collections. Such games develop imagination. Pay attention to this toy if you want your kids to have fun and play like real actors.

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