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ROBUD DIY Dinosaur Modeling Kit

It’s not a secret that many kids love everything about dinosaurs. Books, movies, action figures – all of this easily sparkles their interest. But what if your kids could make a dinosaur with their own hands? Wouldn’t it be just awesome? Well, now they have a chance to do just that with this DIY dinosaur modeling kit.

Undoubtedly, various dinosaur toys are great. Plush toys are cuddly and cute. Action figures have moving parts and boost your kids’ imagination. After all, they allow them to imagine themselves as heroes or famous movies or books and recreate some particularly awesome scenes. But what can those toys do apart from that?

This modeling kit goes beyond everything any conventional toys can do. Now your children can create their own dinosaurs from scratch! All they need for it is a collection of wooden parts and some colored modeling clay. As a result, they get a truly amazing puzzle that is both educational and immensely satisfying. Aren’t these just awesome qualities for a great gift?

Just look at what this dinosaur modeling kit offers:

  1. With this kit, you get 2 quality plywood sheets, 6 modeling clay cans. Additionally, there are dinosaur eyes and cognitive cards as a way of instruction. All materials are high-quality and absolutely safe for children. Plywood details are well-polished and don’t have any sharp corners. Modeling clay is easily malleable and leaves no stains on your kids’ hands or furniture.
  2. Simple rules of this DIY activity are very easy to follow. All plywood parts have numbers that will help your kids understand which parts they are compatible with. And after they finish the skeleton, they can start flashing their colorful dinosaur out just as the card shows!
  3. This dinosaur modeling kit is more than just a fun puzzle. It develops fine motor skills and boosts creativity. Besides, interesting dinosaur fun facts will let your kids learn more while playing!

So as you can see, this set has everything all kids love. Excitement, creative activity, and a chance to play and learn at the same time. So think about giving this amazing gift to your kids or to the children of your friends. Please note that this kit is not suitable for children younger than 3 years old.

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