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Roald Dahl Magical Gift Set

Have you ever imagined the craziest experiences without leaving your home are possible? If your answer is “Yes” and if you are both a true adventurer and a bookworm, such set of novels is created just for you. It contains four well-known stories: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie, and the Great Glass Elevator. This set can surely bring much joy and pleasant emotions either to kids or to grown-ups.

Exciting plot and perfect style

A great number of readers throughout the world truly appreciate the talent of Roald Dahl. This bestselling writer gained his popularity by virtue of high quality and breathtaking plots of the texts. Such stories can bring much delight to every reader. Even adults will undoubtedly enjoy these beautiful stories, reading them with their kids. Such books help to form a sense of humor and aesthetics, to broaden outlook. The stories and heroes also provoke deep reflections and speculations, develop intelligence and imagination.

Illustrated by Quentin Blake, each book in the set is a true piece of art. Its colorful design makes reading delightful and fascinating. Moreover, three novels from the set (except “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”) have famous screen versions. So for sure, it will be interesting to read about familiar characters and compare them with their movie analogs.

If you present such splendid set to a preteen of about 7-12 years old or to his parents, you won’t miscalculate. It is for sure a desirable gift for fans of this author. Besides, the young readers, who have never read his stories, will be surely glad to get acquainted with them. The set is suitable for a birthday, an ending or beginning of an academic year or for celebrating a child’s personal achievements. No doubts it is a great gift for any holiday.

This will be an awesome gift for your kid that will be not only pleasant but useful too.