Ring Toss Game

Are you looking for a gift for a man who has everything? You’ve found the answer! The Ring Toss Game is perfect versatile gift for husband from wife, for boyfriend from his beloved one, for colleague from co-worker. High standard product will please a man of any age.

What is a tool to bring everyone together away from the screen? This game is meant to engage all family in joyful playtime. Suitable both for kids, adults and grandparents. The Hookey toss game is totally safe unlike darts since the pieces don’t feature scratchy or sharp parts. Every boy or girl from 5 years old and up can try his/ her hand at it. So don’t hesitate to give this as a fun family game to your relatives or friends! Keeping score encourages young players for a little competition and turns out a fun math exercise.

Wanna know more use cases of this game?

The Ring Toss Game can spice up Birthday, Halloween party or any get-together. Just offer your guests to play and watch they are busy with this entertainment. If a bachelor is a recipient of the game, he has a chance to add some fun to his man cave.

Above all, the game appears an exciting office distraction. Nice opportunity to take some break. Let your eyes get rest from the screen and take your mind off the work.

The game includes wooden hookey board and 12 rings in red and black. Good for indoor and outdoor. No worries a person may get hurt and no concern players can damage something or leave marks on the wall since the rings are soft enough. Hang the board on a wall to have the game available any time you walk by. Cute idea to limber up a little! By the way, it is up to you to try upgraded option using your less dominate hand.