Retro Bluetooth Speaker

A lookout for a unique gift for a music lover may turn into real difficulty. Facing a huge variety of musical supplies, never know if this particular item meets expectations of a recipient or not. Luckily, now you have a solution! The Retro Bluetooth speaker will definitely be a hit! It combines modern digital technologies with vintage aesthetics. Stylish design is going to take you back to the golden 1950s retro vibe. Do you dream your close one to be blown away by your gift? It is possible with this adorable Bluetooth speaker, which is more than just musical device. It aims to emphasize a creative personality of its owner!

Our significant people worth great gifts!

This Bluetooth speaker is able to impress anyone who is passionate about music. Moreover, any antiquity lover will be glad to get new item to his vintage collection. Suitable for vintage party and retro photo shoot. Above all, it is proving to be an attractive complement to a vintage interior.

Use the Retro Bluetooth speaker everywhere!

The wireless speaker by ‘Lofree’ brand has every chance to become a favorite bookshelf system. Perfect for living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom. Place it wherever you like or use it on the go since it is portable, compact and lightweight. Meeting guests, doing housework, having dinner in the backyard, spending time with your family at home or on the picnic, from now on, good old days are anywhere with you.

Enjoy the best stereo rich sound

Thanks to an impressive volume plus surprisingly deep and rich bass, the device although it is small provides an exceptional room-filling sound.

Besides, the retro style speaker features a radio tuner with FM radio option.

There is both AUX cable and Bluetooth mode. The wireless musical device recharges with USB cord.  А charge holds for about 7 hours.