Rally and Roar Toppling Tower

Many of us like to receive gifts. But not fewer people find giving of presents equally joyful. What could be more desirable than to see the happiness and smile of a loved one? So it is incredibly important to choose the appropriate gift. Rally & Roar Toppling Tower will help you satisfy any taste. This is a well-thought-out present for addresses, regardless of their age.

Key features of the Rally and Roar Toppling Tower

Toppling Tower is an exciting board game for all the family. The principle of the game is simple: an 18-level tower is built from wooden bars of the same length. Each floor consists of three bars. They are laid close and parallel to each other. The bars of each next floor, in turn, are placed perpendicular to the details of the previous level. The task of the player is to pull out a bar and put it on the top. During the game, the height of the tower is constantly increasing. The winner is the player who last makes the necessary manipulations and doesn’t make the tower fall (completely or partly).

The kit includes fifty-four flat wooden bars and the instructions on how to build the source tower. This item is available in two colors. The classic natural wood set provides a wooden dice as a bonus. The premium-colored kit also offers a dry erase board, apart from a dice. Besides, both versions include a special bag for convenient storage of the product. It allows you to take the game with you anywhere and anytime without a fear to lose detail.

This tower distinguishes from common versions with its size. The height of the source tower is 2.5 feet, but you can easily build it up to 5 feet tall and even more.

Rally & Roar Toppling Tower is a brilliant choice for both children and adults. Such a game contributes to the prevention of various cardiovascular diseases, development of spatial and architectural thinking, as well as team spirit. Every game session turns out to become a fun and interesting competition, where you can show your skills and talents.

This product will definitely become an incredible entertainment for any meeting. Thus, it is a great idea of the universal gift suitable for anyone and any occasion.

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