The best practical wedding gifts

The best practical wedding gifts

A wedding is kind of a special occasion in the life of a couple, their friends and relatives. That is why the majority of people tend to gift some fancy presents for this day. But there is a high probability, that a couple will not use them. And such gifts may end up in the cellar under a thick layer of dust. Never used as they were intended to be used. So in such situations, if you know a couple well enough, it is much better to present them with some practical wedding gifts.

For some people, practical gifts can seem like a bad idea. They are usually not unique, not fancy and not expensive either. But the couple will use them regularly and will remember you with gratitude.

At the same time when selecting a practical gift make sure that you are not buying something that we do not recommend. Or otherwise, you may end up giving the worst wedding gift ever.

How to choose a wedding gift

So you were invited to a wedding. What would you do next? Immediately there is a mental question: how to choose a good gift for a wedding? It is not so hard to do if the tastes and preferences of the newlyweds are known to you. But it happens that the newlyweds themselves cannot decide what they want to receive as a gift on such a remarkable day. Money is a universal gift. But how can they be presented to make it original? If not bills, then what to give to the newlyweds? As any guest, do you want your gift to be remembered by the bride and groom? Let’s try to solve the problem together.

How to make an original gift for the wedding?

Personal impressions of the newlyweds at the time of receiving the gift – this is a big plus. But also you should think about their impressions later when they will use the gift. Maybe the money given is sometimes useful. But it will take a little time, the money will be spent, and the newlyweds will not remember who gave the money and how much. If a practical gift is presented at the wedding, it becomes twice as valuable.

Many newlyweds make lists for guests of the things that they would like to see as gifts. This would facilitate the choice of presents and save the young family from unnecessary things. If such a list is not foreseen, it is better to recollect everything you know about the couple and maybe even ask some hints from their close friends or relatives.

Below we provide a list that we have prepared for you in order to make the selection of the possible gifts more narrow. So you can save your time and end up giving something really nice and useful.

The list of the best practical gifts for newlyweds

1. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1
Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1

This is an awesome gift that will save the time of the bride. She can cook almost anything in this pot and there is no need to constantly control the process. You simply put the ingredients inside and leave it for some time. The DUO60 will be good for families of 4-6 people. So when the couple’s relatives or friends decide to visit, the bride can offer then some home cooked food.

This product includes many functions. It can be a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer & warmer.

This Pot Duo introduces additional safety to your kitchen. Forget about possible accidents that could happen at the kitchen. You store the products inside the pot, close it and leave until everything is ready. The duo pot speeds the cooking time by 2 to 6times. It will save energy for cooking.

The food prepared in this pot will be healthy and nutritious because it saves the natural features of the products. You can use 14 custom programs built in the control panel of the pot.

You can prepare all the products from the evening and delay the cooking up to 24 hours. So by the time you wake up everything is hot and ready. In addition, the bride will get a book of recipes. One can not think of a more practical and valuable gift for the newlyweds. But we have some more waiting below.

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2. BBQ Grill Tool Set

BBQ Grill Tool Set
BBQ Grill Tool Set

At first, you might think that this gift will be a nice option for someone who is active in BBQ-ing. This might be the truth but you must consider a possibility that someone whose hobby is BBQ will have some kind of toolset. On the other hand, for someone who is not into BBQ, this toolset will be a motive to arrange a family BBQ and spend some quality time together. So you are gifting not just some tools, but an opportunity for a family to meet more often.

This set contains all the necessary tools for BBQ. So you can easily cook a season steaks with the basting brush, flip hot dogs or burgers, eat corn with the corn holders or grill kabobs with the skewers.

In addition, have you ever experienced that situation when your small tools are everywhere and you have no idea how to bring them to order? With this gift, the groom will not have any problems with storing the tools. They have great, reliable, portable box to have everything in order and bring them with you everywhere. So the toolset will be good not only for making BBQ near your house but also to go for camping, picnics and other occasions.

This gift will serve the family of newlyweds for years. The tools are made of stainless steel which protects them from rust and external impacts.

The toolset includes 16 pieces: swiss knife, spatula, tongs, basting brush, cleaning brush, corn holders and skewers. The tools are made from the materials that can be placed in the dishwasher. So this is a universal gift for any couple and they will definitely like it.

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3. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag
Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

When a couple goes out it is so romantic to spend a summer night sleeping together in a tent. But as a rule, you have to sacrifice your comfort and try to fit two people in one sleeping bag. So having a comfortable sleeping bag designed for two people is something that any couple will love. Especially if your friends love going camping.

This Ohuhu sleeping bag will be good for any region of the country and almost any time of the year. The bag will protect a couple from cold even when it’s 32F – 50F outside. It is water resistant and a couple will feel themselves comfortable even when it is raining outside and the tent is leaking.

What is important is that it is possible to detach two sleepers by zippers. So if a lot of guests arrive, it will be possible to give some relatives a sleeping bag for comfortable sleeping on the floor.

This Ohuhu sleeping bag has a convenient carrying bag, and two small pillows for comfort and neck support. And when a couple has a child, there will be enough place for three inside. So imagine how much joy and comfort this gift can bring to a new family!

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4. Codenames table game

Codenames table game
Codenames table game

Codenames is the world’s best board game for companies of people (according to the most authoritative website in the world for board games BoardGameGeek). In a short time, it has received all conceivable and unimaginable awards, including the Game of the Year in Germany – an analog of Oscar in the world of board games. In just 11 months of existence, this game literally flew into the top. Now it is comfortably placed in the first place in the rating of party games (games for companies and parties).

It is also possible to play this game for a couple. It develops a better understanding between the two. So they can easily find a common language and this will help to enhance their relationship.

By making such a gift you will help them to develop their social life, meet friends more often and have fun together. So be sure that they will love this game. If you are a close friend of the couple, then it is most likely that you will be invited to some games in the future!

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5. Keurig K55/K Coffee Maker

Keurig K55/K Coffee Maker
Keurig K55/K Coffee Maker

Mornings are an important part of a family morning routine. So having some small pleasures in the morning can make a family life for a couple so much easier. It will be hard to count how many times the couple will thank you mentally if you gift them this classical coffee maker for their day.

This coffee machine includes 4 K-Cup pods, and additional filtering gear so that coffee tastes perfect in any conditions and with any kind of water.

The coffee maker can prepare the drink based on your taste and preferences. It can be stronger or more light. You simply need to select the appropriate size of the pod.

The machine has a huge water reservoir for more than 6 cups of coffee. So the couple will avoid those unpleasant situations in the morning when someone used the last water and there is nothing left for you. This is another enhancement of their family life.

The coffee maker is easy to maintain and it also saves energy in the house due to the auto-off function. So by gifting this item to the newlyweds, you are creating a lot of benefits for the couple.

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We hope that you have liked our short selection of the best practical wedding gifts. You can find an appropriate present for a couple of any interests, hobbies, and types of character on our list. So order the gift today and you will get it in the nearest time with the minimum required efforts and money spent.

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