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Power Cube

Very often office colleagues connect several computers and laptops to the same power strip. The power strip usually stays on the floor and everyone tries to pull it closer to themselves. Somebody needs to charge their phone, but the USB-cable is too short. Others urgently need to charge their laptop batteries but there is no free outlet because the phone’s charger already in. When all devices are 100% charged office workers simply unplug them without removing the charger from the power strip. As a result, there are bundles of cables on the floor and everybody steps on them or rolls over with their chairs. It would be great to always have a free socket at hand to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you need. Preferably, a versatile one with both American and European outlet, USB-ports and a well-thought design to fit well on a desk. Power cube was designed exactly for this mission.

Power cube: really handy

First of all, cables connected to PowerCube don’t mix up. Unlike most power strips, where all outlets line up, PowerCube has one outlet on each side. Thus, the cables never touch each other which is especially convenient when people sit at a round table.

Modularity. PowerCubes attach to each to increase the number of outlets and let everyone connect their devices,

Configuration. Standard PowerCube has 4 outlets and a double USB-port. You can charge laptops, phones, camera, and mp3 player simultaneously. The extension line is available in two options – 5 and 10 ft.

Increased battery charging time. Devices charge 4 times faster with PowerCube than from an ordinary socket.

Safety. Surge protector keeps PowerCube safe from voltage drops. This means you and your colleagues can use all outlets at once.

Stable mount system

One more important feature of PowerCube is unique mounting. Usually, we mount power strips on the wall with the screws. PowerCube doesn’t need any wall drilling and can easily attach to vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal surface.  Remove the protective sheet and stick it onto the surface. The tape removes easily and leaves no residue. Attach the PowerCube, twist to lock it firmly. PowerCube remains stable and won’t fall down on the floor if somebody hits it accidentally pulls by the cable.

PowerCube is a nice and practical gift not only for white collars but also for busy people who work with several electronic devices at once. When it comes to storing cables and chargers BAGSMART electronics organizer will be a good choice.