Porcelain Bowls Set

Colorful life starts with little pleasant things around! On the contrary, dull uniform stuff makes us drown into daily routine. Are you agree with these statements? If you are ready to add some colors to your day, the Porcelain bowls set is waiting for you! Obviously, morning sets the tone for the rest of a day, thus, spending it in good vibes surrounded by people and things that make you happy means a lot! This eye-catching tableware turns out to be your handy companion for breakfast time and more. It aims to brighten up your mood and speaks to our imagination. Wonderful match of cheerful appearance and function are the answer why the dishes appear to be an excellent gift. Your loved ones will be glad to get stylistic touch for their kitchen instead of greyish table setting. The highest quality for reasonable price! Great choice for daily use.

Versatile, great value, and fun!

This set of six by ‘Annovero’ brand features unique patterns outside and inside. Each bowl is different. Eclectic look combines floral and geometric design in various colors.

Perfect for both hot and cold food: cereal or oatmeal, soup, stew, salad, yogurt, ice cream, snacks, and anything you wish. Capacity is 21 oz.

Unlike ordinary stoneware bowls, the cereal bowls are made of superior porcelain. Fired at a high temperature, this material ensures maximum strength and durability since it is scratch, stain, and crack resistant. The porcelain is thick and sturdy, eco-friendly, tested in the US.

Smart construction means they are not lightweight, but not heavy like some ceramic bowls. In addition, stabilizing feet on the bottom make them more stable on any surface. Be sure, the bowls will last for years!

These household supplies are easy to store and to take care of. They are stackable, so don’t take much space in a cupboard. Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe.