Pop Up Flower Card

Let us celebrate love together via the awesome pop-up card by Lovepop. The Pop Up Flower Card is one of the collections of the manufacturer’s adorable gift cards. This card is designed like a red roses bouquet and will be the perfect addition to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, Birthday. You also can present this pop-up card without occasion for your beloved person. This item is able to give a little more pleasure to the daily routine.

Advantages of Pop Up Flower Card by Lovepop

Beautiful details

Our life is like a set of puzzles: the small parts and moments make it more complete and joyful. And the company Lovepop knows beyond doubt this simple truth about details. Moreover, this manufacturer follows it through the process of making the cute greeting cards. If you look to the Pop Up Flower Card at first, you can’t even imagine, what the beauty it hides. Its cover looks fabulous, but the main part is inside. Open this gift card to show a 3D arrangement of the beautiful vase with red flowers and green leaves. The Pop Up Flower Card is also decorated inside with red patterns in the outer edges.

Elegant cover

The Pop Up Flower Card is a bouquet of roses that is always fresh. It is a way to expresses your sentiments for a beloved person with keeping the plants and flowers alive. The shimmering cover of this greeting card is made via laser-cut technology. Thus, the bouquet of the white roses onto the cover has elegant lines and incredible details. The flowers also look bright on the contrasting red color.

The Pop Up Flower Card by Lovepop has the width of 5 inches and the height of 7 inches. Nevertheless, despite the small size, this pop-up card can keep inside your love and warm feelings for your loved one.