Pocket Beard Comb

You don’t know what kind of gift to choose for a man? If he has a beard, pay your attention on this item. The Pocket beard comb by ‘Viking Revolution’ brand is going to blow any bearded man away! This comb turns out a perfect Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas present for a boyfriend, husband, father, male friend or someone special. Stylish and functional accessory deserves to be a perfect buddy for him! It is very convenient to have such helpful tool everywhere with you for keeping the beard coiffed. Since the comb is compact enough, it is easy to carry it in a case or in a pouch. Besides, it fits in a front shirt or pants pocket. No doubt, a beard is a pride for a man. Thus, meet his passion about beard growth journey with this little pleasant thing.

And now let’s see what are the key features of the Pocket beard comb

The beard care tool is fully made of pear wood. The benefits of this natural material is strength and static free property. Smooth surface provides nice grooming experience without getting puled or snagged. The greatest part of the comb, it is dual sided with different thickness for any case: one side with fine teeth, another one with wider teeth.

Finally, the ‘Viking Revolution’ logo on the comb adds an outstanding vibe. In addition, you will definitely admire an attractive black slip case with brand 3D stamp the comb comes in. You don’t need to worry about scratches or any damaging.

Works great for any shape and length of a beard (long or short, thick or thin). Great for mustache as well! Use the comb to disperse the beard oil evenly. Ultimately, a beard looks well-groomed with this accessory. Be ready to get extra confidence and to receive dozen of compliments!