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Plush Unicorn Slippers

More magic in daily life

Unicorns are alive and care about your good mood. They will give you powers in the working Monday morning, will rescue from everyday routine and ordinariness. Every cup of coffee, drinking at home, will be tastier. Wake up will be more cheerful. Indoor evenings will be cozier and warmer. Plush Unicorn Slippers is a great gift for yourself, for the Christmas holidays, for girlfriend’s or sister’s birthday. If you looking for a special present for your loved ones or want to be happier — choice these cute plush slippers too.

Pss, love of unicorns and fluffy slippers not at all diminishes men’s greatness! The Plush Slippers Unicorn are suitable both for brave guys with a good sense of humor and elegant ladies. Give your family members, friends or colleagues such gladness — walk at home or in the office like on marshmallows clouds. These slippers have 29 cm (11.02 inches) in length and fit for most standard foot sizes.

Cozy and comfortable

The Plush Unicorn Slippers are made of high-quality plush fabric. They are thick, but pass air easy and have a low weight. That is why they are very comfortable and be good for all seasons. Due to the memory foam, these slippers perfectly adapt to feet and give nice support. The skid-resistant soles provide more freedom without sliding. Also, they are easy to care because you can clean them in the washing machine.

Unicorns believe in you

Look, how great are these cute guys? These Plush Unicorn Slippers are made for the most comfortable and happier moments. Their smile is so cute, the horn’s scintillating is so beautiful! Soft and kindly, they ready to give pleasure and care. Allow these cute Unicorn Slippers for anyone whom you care about. Make their feet and souls warmer.