Plush fleece blanket

Isn’t it a great idea to roll up in a warm blanket and let yourself to have a rest for a while? Just watch a movie or read a book with a cup of coffee, for instance. Plush fleece blanket ‘Shilucheng’ is a great choice to make your relaxing or leisure time completely comfortable. If this blanket is intended to your guests, no doubt, they will be totally satisfied with their delicate sleep.


Plush fleece blanket will amaze you for being incredibly soft, lightweight, fluffy and gentle for a skin. Weight is only 4.38 pounds.

Nice appearance of plush fleece blanket causes an opportunity to use it as a bed or couch cover. Its royal blue color and ultimate soft texture will complement your room with luxury and comfy, protect a bed from dirt. Moreover, king size of the blanket (104 x 90 inches) will fit an even extra-large bed.

Great quality

Plush fleece blanket has a 3-layer structure: two layers of microfiber polyester and high-quality fabric between them. These materials are much more stain resistant and fade resistant than cotton.

All year round use

Plush fleece blanket will keep you warm when it is cold. Although, it can be helpful in warm seasons as well. Its breathable textiles ensure improved heat exchange, therefore, you will not be cold in winter and will not overheat in summer.

Indoor and outdoor use

The plush fleece blanket is lightweight, portable and available for usage at home, for camping or in a trip.

Durable and easy care

All you have to do is to put the blanket in the washing machine. Wash separately in cool water and tumble dry low. Do not use bleach on a fleece. Any balls of lint appear on the blanket after washing.

Your loved ones will definitely be happy to get such gift for any occasion!