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Playz Magic Tricks Kit

Remember all those times you watched someone performing amazing magic tricks wishing you could do it too? That overwhelming feeling of excitement and wonder when the magic happens right in front of your eyes? Well, now you can give these feelings to a child in your life with this magic tricks kit. Besides, who knows? Maybe you’d want to relive that experience and do some magic too?

Do you know what’s the best thing about these magic tricks? Surprisingly, it’s not the flashy part when you do something that seems impossible. It’s the science behind the “magic” that makes everything work! This kit was designed with this notion in mind: not only to have fun with magic tricks but to learn. It’s really the best kind of gift you can give to a child: not only endlessly fun, but educational.

And that’s not all! The benefits are not only educational but psychological as well. Additionally, this kit not only helps your kids learn but significantly boosts their confidence and self-esteem. By performing successful magic tricks, children learn to believe in themselves and their skills. That’s definitely an awesome extra bonus if you are a parent of a timid and shy kid.

So what are all those great things that make this magic tricks kit so great? Let’s see:

  1. This kit has everything a child needs to learn magic tricks and the science they are based on. Around 30 ingredients, tools, and supplies, lots of various tricks to perform, and endless opportunity to get familiar with science. Let your kids learn more about angles, static electricity, magnetism, optics, water pressure, and much more!
  2. The kit is complete with an easy to follow guide filled with useful instructions and fun facts. What’s more, it’s filled with colorful pictures to keep your kids’ interest alive.
  3. The magic tricks kit presents a great chance to cultivate the love for learning in your kids. There is simply no better way to acquaint children with the world of science. Physics basics have never been so fun!
  4. This Playz kit is good for children of 6 years old and older. To ensure their safety while working with the materials and ingredients included in the kit, make sure they play under adult supervision. Besides, taking part in these experiments might be a lot of fun for you too!

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