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Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Parents always dream of how one day their child will become a genius and shake the world with its inventions and creations. Although it’s impossible to predict when and where a new Da Vinci or Michelangelo will be born, moms and dads all over the world try to figure it out. They use all the modern (and old-fashion) means to awaken creativity in their offsprings. While most kids nowadays already use smartphones like a pro, Play-Doh is still among the most popular developing toys. But even Play-Doh has made a step forward towards fast-growing technologies.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio features

Sculpting play-doh figures has always been fun even for today’s adults. Color choice and shaping boosts children’s imagination and creativity as well as fine motor skills. But after half an hour of playing kids usually, lose interest, smash all the shapes and mix them all together.  Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is where your child’s shapes become alive in a digital world.

How it works

Let your child shape a Play-Doh with the characters stamper or create its own, unique figures. Place the shape on the studio and scan with a smartphone or tablet using Play-Doh Touch app. The app is available on both Android and iOS. Now, the shape has been digitized and is ready to explore colorful play worlds like in a cartoon.

Action stampers add fun effects to the characters: they make them fly, jump, dance, spin, and more. The more characters you shape the more new worlds become unlocked. Play-Doh cans allow decorating the digital world. with tree- and flower-like elements. Standard Play-Doh shapes end up (in the best case scenario!) collecting dust on a shelf.  Play-Doh Touch lets your child play an arcade Super-Mario-like game with its own hand-made characters and background elements. The Play-Doh app saves all the shapes to play with them over and over again.

Let’s agree: technologies are everywhere and it’s impossible to grow up separately from smartphones and tablets. Play-Doh Touch distracts kids from staring at their gadgets for hours to create something with their own hands and imagination.

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