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PICOOC Mini Pro smart scale

What can someone expect from such a gift as home scale? A direct hint on the overweight? A lack of imagination in the gift topic? A scale just to measure weight? The new generation of home scales Picooc Mini show not only your weight but also mass index, % water and other biometric data. Due to its four highly precise sensors, Pocooc Mini Pro smart scale spot even the tiniest changes in your organism.

Smart scale: learn more about yourself

Picooc Mini scale is smaller than its standard versions: 26 cm wide and only 2 cm thick. The gadget housing is made of high-quality strong plastic and can hold up to 150 kg weight. Bright LED screen stays visible even in a poor light while rounded corners make the scale maximum safe for its owner. Especially, for those who keep hitting their toes against the corners at night. For a more precise scaling, it is recommended to step on Picooc Mini barefoot. Tempered glass that covers the top panel provides a pleasant non-slip surface.

How it works

Picooc Mini uses the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis method. A low-voltage current passes through the user’s body and allows smart scale to measure a bunch of useful biometric parameters in just 3 seconds. Total of 13 parameters isn’t limited by just body weight and fat mass. Smart scales gives you a more detailed report about your body like water %, bone mass and skeleton muscle mass. Based on these parameters Picooc defines your body type and physical age.  The built-in sensor provides maximum precise measurements and sends all statistics to a smartphone app. Various charts show the users’ health conditions in long-term. Follow the changes in your body and use this information to adjust your workout schedule and diet. The app is compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, also available in eight languages.

Your family members can benefit from Picooc smart scale too! Use the same scale and sync data with individual Picooc app profiles.

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