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PetFusion Cat Scratcher

Tired of your cat’s scratching preferences? If your sofa corner, wooden table legs, and door frames, are tired too, it is time to choose supplies to satisfy scratching ambitions of your furry friend. So, PetFusion Cat Scratcher is your salvation. Due to the vertical design, it gives a pleasant area to your cat without leaving you in the destroyed home. This scratcher with 3 sides also offers a comfortable place to play and even snooze.

Advantages of PetFusion Cat Scratcher

Promotion of natural scratching

Furry friends don’t scratch up your furniture to spite you. Rather it is their habit of marking territory, way to get rid of old nails layer, stretch muscles, relieve stress, and so on. So, the stuff for scratching is a must-have for indoor cat’s owners. More than just standard scratchers, PetFusion Cat Scratcher can promote natural instincts and curiosity of your home favorite.

Perfect place for play and explore

PetFusion Cat Scratcher is made with 3 sides and a center cubby hole. That design makes a perfect place to satisfy a cat’s needs for activity and exploration. The size of the hole allows a cat to does the job both inside and outside of scratcher. It also gives a place for a good relax or nap. Moreover, the vertical design gives great opportunities for physical wellness of your furry friend. Both adult cats and young kittens, will love to climbing and balanced on the top of the PetFusion Cat Scratcher.

Durable materials

PetFusion Cat Scratcher promotes the pleasure of healthy scratching, playing and snoozing for years. Thanks to the strong, high-quality cardboard that connected by glue piece by piece, this scratcher lives over 1 year of active using. Unlike cheaper alternatives that cut cardboard from a pre-glued block, PetFusion Cat Scratcher is made of carefully connected separate pieces.