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Pentode Valve USB Flash Drive

The overwhelming majority of people in the modern world have computers at home or use computers every day. It’s no surprise that data storage devices like USB flash drives are so popular. They allow to store huge amounts of data and barely take any physical space at all. Because they are so wide-spread and usual, USB flash drives have become one of the most mundane things in our lives. Thankfully, there are ways to make very unusual. And this Pentode USB flash drive is a perfect example of that.

When you think of a great and unique gift for a computer junkie, a USB flash drive will hardly be the first thing that crosses your mind. After all, what’s so unique about them? They are everywhere, they come in every shape and color and almost everyone has them. Right? Well, this unique data storage device will blow your mind. You can be sure that there are no flash drives that look as cool as this one. After all how many flash drives can boast this quirky oldschool steampunk look? It’s got a lot of personality about it but still remains a very functional item you can use on a daily basis. Quite probably, those computer geeks in your life are not the easiest people to impress, but this device will undoubtedly wow them.

Would you like to know more about this unique Pentode USB flash drive? Here you go:

  1. This amazing USB flash drive was made using a real vintage pentode valve made in the eighties and consists of genuine glass and metal parts.
  2. This data storage device contains high-speed USB 3.0 that supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 standards. So rest assured that you can use it with pretty much any device that has a standard USB port in it!
  3. Old school meets modern technology. A modern device that can store an insane amount of information has never had so much vintage charm!
  4. One of the best gift you can find for those computer savvy people in your life. This is a great gift option for a special occasion, truly something they will remember you by.

When it comes to design, USB flash drives can be very versatile. But if you want to get your friend or family member something that’s truly one of a kind, consider giving them this very stylish device.

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