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Patagonia raincoat

Everybody noticed how changeable the weather has been this year. There was no smooth transition from hot and stuffy August to a more pleasant and mild September. In many Mediterranean countries, typical summer weather turned into cold wind and rain just over the night. Meteorologists explain these sudden temperature drops as one of the effects of the global warming and soon this will become a usual phenomenon. It may not be wise to grab warm clothes and hat right away, but a comfortable and practical raincoat would come in handy. For example, Patagonia raincoat is a good choice among hundreds: it will keep you both dry and warm.

Outstanding features of Patagonia raincoat

Staying dry in rain feels good, but freezing – not really. A thin transparent raincoat will keep you dry, but not warm. On the other hand, a thick hoody won’t let you shake from cold, but it is no use when it rains. Patagonia raincoat is a golden middle: it keeps you dry and at the same time warm.

The raincoat is made of original patented H2No material.  Clothing made of H2No is waterproof and breathable. This means, not only your body stays dry when it pours down, but also well vented and less sweaty. Not every apparel manufacturer can offer a combination of these two features.

An oversized hood keeps precipitations off while the visor won’t let the rainwater run down your face. The hood is two-way adjustable and when the rain stops it easily folds and stows with a cord-and-hook design

When it gets colder

The raincoat is quite roomy. Many happy users already mentioned this useful feature in their comments. The coat is ideal for layering and when it gets colder you can wear a sweater under it without losing a freedom of movement. In addition, handwarmer pockets when gloves are not with you (or when you don’t know where to put your hands).

When it gets warmer

Although the manufacturer claims that the coat ‘breathes’, high level of water tightness eventually reduces breathability. Weather can change during the day and when it suddenly gets warmer don’t be afraid to work up the sweat. Armpit zips open up to let you vent the heat and stay dry. A simple feature that makes Patagonia raincoat suitable for contrast weather conditions.

If it rains a lot but the temperatures are usually mild, check out packable raincoat by Joules. It easily fits into a bag and the variety of prints make this raincoat a perfect gift for girlfriend. Choose the one to match her personality!

Technical features

The raincoat is made of 2.5-layer ripstop nylon with a waterproof/breathable barrier. Durable, water-repellent finish provides extra protection from wind and rain. Bluesign certificate proves environment and consumer safety of the materials – 100% recyclable. The coat weighs 301 g.

For who?

Patagonia raincoat will be a good autumn-time gift for wife, husband, child or other relatives. Friends and colleagues are off the list because you may not guess the right size.

By the way, Swiss travel backpack is also waterproof and sturdy.