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Osmo Detective Agency Mystery Game

Do you remember your first acquaintance with mystery stories? The way they grasp your attention and give you a feeling of suspense and excitement? Now you can let your kids dive right into the world of mystery and become their own detectives! Fortunately, it’s more than possible with this Osmo mystery game.  

This will definitely be a gift that is so different from many other toys out there. First, it’s amazingly colorful, excitingly challenging, and interactive. Second, your children can learn while they play. And it’s not just one or two random things they can get familiar with while playing. With Osmo Detective Agency, they will learn about the world’s geography and famous planet’s spots, as well as cultural facts. Moreover, this game will improve their logical and critical thinking, attention, memory, and cognitive skills. You know it’s a great toy when it can be both educational and so much fun!

So if you really want to choose a present for a child that will absolutely delight him or her and give them hours and hours of immersive playing experience, this is definitely what you need.

Want to learn more? Here are a few facts about this Osmo mystery game:

  1. Osmo Detective Agency game kit includes maps (world map, Osmo town map, world city maps), a magnifying glass, and a map holder. Please note that as a part of Osmo digital system, this set also requires a tablet and an Osmo base to play. So please make sure that you’ve already got a tablet and an Osmo base before you buy this item.
  2. With this game, your kids have an exciting opportunity to run their own detective agency and solve mysteries all around the world! Let them travel and investigate, looking for clues and answers. Thanks to the innovative Osmo system, the game becomes a truly interactive, absorbing experience.
  3. Detective Agency mystery game will be perfect for kids from 6 to 10 years old. It’s easy to understand but presents exciting challenges to sparkle your kids’ interest and sense of adventure.

There is really no need to use many words to prove why this Osmo game is a great gift for a kid. Just look at its colorful maps and everything it offers – and make some kid very happy! After all, like all great toys, Osmo Detective Agency is all about delighting children.

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