Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion

Does it happen your family member, friend or officemate complain about back pain? It is not a unique case when having a seated job. So don’t miss a chance to express to your close one how you care. We have an excellent suggestion for you! Gifting the Orthopedic memory foam cushion definitely means you devote careful attention to find the best gift that meets recipient’s needs. From now on, sitting all day will turn into a comfortable experience. Both for back pain relief or just everyday comfort, the cushion by ‘ComfiLife’ brand with its ergonomic design offers a superior comfort while office work, traveling, and driving. Just let yourself feel the difference! Thousands of happy owners confirm you will be happy with it!

What should you know about the Orthopedic memory foam cushion?

An office worker, a frequent traveler, a truck driver, or someone who has back problems will appreciate such super useful gift. Works great for desk chair, office chair, car seat, airplane seat, sports bleacher, movie theater, rocking chair, recliner, wheelchair, and more.

This coccyx pillow provides great support to a lower back, serves as a pressure relief for a tailbone and improves a posture. Besides, it helps to ease pain due to herniated discs, hip pain, sciatica, tailbone injury, pregnancy.

Some features of the item

The cushion is made of polyurethane. Memory foam conforms to one’s shape in a flash. Moreover, rubber texture of the bottom makes it non-slip and even more convenient for use. Above all, a polyester zippered cover is washable, so you get durable item easy to clean. Wash in cold water and dry on low. A carry handle is a nice addition. One more important fact, it easy to transport. Thus, take it with you wherever you go, and a premium seat everywhere for you guaranteed!