Origami kit for kids

Think about something interesting to do with your kid? Or looking for play therapy for yourself? Origami kit for kids ‘My First Origami Kit’ is perfect primarily for children and will be fine for adult beginners as well. Just choose an affordable paper model. Origami is a great way to have fun and to spend time to your advantage. If Origami kit for kids is intended to a young artist, he may need a parent or adult to assist him, thus, it is a chance to try new entertainment together and to get useful skills. Paper folding art helps to develop logical thinking and spatial reasoning, creative abilities, accuracy, fine motor skills, stimulates concentration and memory. Moreover, transforming paper into animals, birds or other figures looks like a paper magic.

Origami kit for kids has all components you need for this activity. It includes:

  • full-colored illustration instructions;
  • step by step tutorial;
  • 22 origami projects;
  • 150 colored decorative stickers;
  • set of 60 high quality origami papers

Cartoon animals, birds, vehicles are available to fold.

Definitely, tutorial is quite clear to understand. Just follow illustration and text directions.

Every origami sheet has special design in order to detail the subject: feathers for the bird, metal plates for the aircraft, scales for the snake, and more. You can complement your finished model with fun sticker to add some features: for instance, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, paws etc. Sheets have color and texture on both sides. Choose the suitable animal pattern for best origami!

Obviously, you can have Origami kit for kids anywhere you go. It will fill your time while waiting for transfer, traveling by train, aircraft. Your kid will be engaged and won’t be naughty.
Don’t hesitate to start paper folding! Origami will catch your attention and keep a kid busy for hours. Kid will be proud of his paper craft, and parents will be happy to put them in the visible place.