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Organic Castor Oil

Are you looking for a pleasant smth for loved women in your life? Or you on the hunt for an ingredient to take it on your beauty care routine? Well, done! The Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics is the absolutely right choice. From generation to generation, beauty and fresh look are one of the most desired things of the women. And centuries of their experience shown that natural ingredients such as castor oils are the best friend for health and attractive appearance. Natural masks, massage, shower gels — all of that has a beneficial effect on skin, nails, lashes, and hair. This castor oil is made of cold-pressed seeds of the castor herb Kerala and India.

Advantages of Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics

It supports the health of hair and promotes its growth

Castor Oil is a big source of omega-9 fatty ricinoleic acid that is known for antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It lowers the inflammatory process that impacts negatively on blood flow, therefore, obstructs the growth of hair. The castor oil also helps to nourish the head skin and give strength to hair at the roots. Thus using castor oil together with a healthy diet is the key to hair beauty.

Some tips to use Organic Castor Oil for hair:

  • Use oil on the dry scalp and hair roots. Gentle massaging your skin to stimulate blood flow.
  • Concentrate the castor oil wherever you are feeling much shedding of hair.
  • Leave product on overnight for better effect.
  • Use your usual shampoo and water once or twice to wash hair.
  • Repeat the process three courses per week.
  • Mix castor oil with other lighter oil (jojoba or olive, for instance), if it is difficult to apply.

It strengthens thin eyelashes, and eyebrows

The fatty acids in castor oil are extremely helpful in your war for beauty, long eyelashes, and thick eyebrows. It is able to make wonder as soon as the month of regular usage. The castor oil is gentle and easy to practice, but we recommend testing it 24 hours before first applying. Put a few drops of the oil to another part of your body, like your elbow. If you do not notice any skin inflammation, the Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics should be safe for your face. Use mascara brush for quickly applying oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows.

It reduces skin inflammation

Organic Castor Oil is a real helper when it comes to relieving inflammation and redness on your skin. When you apply some amount of oil on your skin, it affects deeply on cells and stimulates the process of producing collagen and elastin. This, in turn, supports the moisturizing of the skin. It also helps to make the skin fresh and smooth, prevents wrinkles and fine lines.