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Oneisall Cat Thermos

The widespread problem with thermoses and coffee mugs is that they are dull and not original. As a rule, they are made from not interesting materials, have clumsy form and greyish colors. Such mugs and thermoses will be fine for an office executive or plant worker. But try to excite with them some teenage girl or your girlfriend. Instead, I bet that Oneisall cat thermos is something they will want from the first second they see it.

Key features of the Oneisall Cat Thermos

  • This thermos (or if you want to call it a coffee mug) has a perfect capacity of 330ml or 11oz. This is a perfect size to make it small enough to be comfortable and large enough to hold the necessary volume of liquid.
  • The size of the Oneisall cat mug is 6,29 inches (height) per 2,95 inches (width). You can place it in your backpack, small bag, bicycle, car, suitcase and your hot water, coffee, tea, milk or other hot beverage will be always with you.
  • Oneisall cat bottle is leak proof. So you can be sure that your belongings in the bag will be safe from any liquids that are in your mug. A wide mouth of the thermos makes cleaning easy and pleasant. You can easily place ice cubes of any form inside.
  • One of the main advantages of this mug is that it is so cute! It is a must-have for cat lovers. Everyone will definitely pay attention when you use it at your home or office table, at school, yoga class or in your journeys.
  • The mug has 4 color schemes so adult men and teenage girls can choose suitable for them color and enjoy their new favorite mug. The available colors are: blue, pink, black, white.
  • We recommend hand washing of this mug. Do not place it in the dishwasher or it might negatively influence how the thermos looks.
  • The mug is composed of non-toxic, stainless steel, BPA free materials. A plastic that is used for this bottle is odor resistant. All in all the bottle will be good for adults and kids.
  • With this thermos, your liquids will remain hot up to 8 hours and cold up to 16 hours. Even if you fill up this mug with boiling or ice water, your mug will not sweat or get hot.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas, or Easter, this should be your choice.

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