Old Sailor Tea Infuser Bottle

Old Sailor Tea Infuser Bottle it is a great and unusual gift idea. It has a perfect design and original stunning package. That is what calls amazement at first look and you will surprise your friend or relative from the very first second! The company made this bottle according to all necessities of the customers. You will definitely choose this product if you want to give such an interesting and handy gift. Note that each bottle comes in the original stylized package. So there is no need to come up with any additional gift wrapping.

Key features of the Old Sailor tea infuser bottle

This Old Sailor tea infuser bottle has a volume of 15oz which is enough for any person. The bottle perfectly suits in hand and it is quite strong. The product is made of double-walled highly quality borosilicate glass and provides perfect isolation for your drinks. It can be tea, coffee, herbs, lemonades, hot or cold and all of this will keep its’ temperature really well. The beverage will save its taste for all day. In addition, the insulation layer in the bottle prevents any heat exchange so the external glass will never get too hot for your hands. 

Do not forget about one of the benefits of the bottle. The manufacturer made this bottle quite practical and equipped it with the infuser. Just fill the infuser with everything you want and add cold or hot water. Your beverage is ready! There are two additional silicone rings for covering of the bottle. Thanks to them the bottle is easy to clean – you need only to open the bottle from two sides.

There is no plastic smell or harmful chemistry. The bottle is 100% BPA free. It is ready to use straight from the box. Stylish and handy gift for your nearest that keeps the warmth of your relationship and drinks.

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