Oil Car Diffuser — Acorn

Start your wonderful journey

If you use a car on a daily basis, you should know that it does not only a pleasantness. Sometimes driving is a bit of a chore which can make you feel tired. Especially when you travel on long distance by car or even come back home after a hard-working day. In every situation, you must be on guard.

However, there is a simple case to catch attention and make you rested — Oil Car Diffuser — Acorn. It is not only an exclusive wooden accessory but a useful object. Thanks to the original design, this diffuser helps to avoid getting drowsy or make a restful atmosphere, if you want. Choose it for yourself and enjoy every moment of your journey by car. Or discover it for your loved person, friend, colleagues and other close to you car owners. It will be a good present for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, retirement, etc.

Key features of Oil Car Diffuser — Acorn

Exclusive design, natural materials

Get a little part of woods atmosphere with Oil Car Diffuser. Thanks to the limited edition design it looks like an authentic acorn. Moreover, this oil diffuser is made of natural wood. It looks great: smooth surface and natural color. Also, there are the wooden stopper and the bottle which fit in the acorn. You just need to fill favorite essential oil to the bottle, then put the stopper on, wet it with oil. The compact size is perfect for car front view mirror.

Details how to use:
  • Unscrew the acorn lid and take out the bottle.
  • Add essential oil into the bottle (do not full it all).
  • Insert and press the stopper.
  • Upside down the bottle to wet the stopper.
  • Keep the acorn in a vertical position and wait when stopper absorbs the oil.
  • Put the bottle in the acorn and screw the lid.
  • Enjoy!

Health benefits

The Oil Car Diffuser — Acorn is not only stuff for a nice smell. It can help you in many other ways. For example, to combat with depression and anxiety, sinus problems, dry skin, and sore throat. We recommended to choose and use special essential oils (eucalyptus, bergamot, ylang-ylang, peppermint, cinnamon, etc.) for every different case.