Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

In October last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented the virtual reality headset Oculus Go. It does not need wires or connection to the computer – the device is completely autonomous.

The body of the device features matte gray plastic, the inner surface consists of a soft foam material covered with a knitted mesh.

It is impossible to call the device cumbersome and heavy. The weight of the helmet is 470 grams. For comparison: the main competitor – a set of helmet Gear VR from Samsung with the flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 – weighs about 510 grams. Special Velcro straps that allow you to comfortably adjust the fit.

Weak sides of the Oculus Go

We will start with the describing some weak points of the Oculus Go.

From the ergonomic minuses of Oculus Go, we distinguish two points. The first is an excess of free space for the nose at the bottom of the device. Because of this, while wearing a helmet and gazing downwards, you can see a piece of the real world. This negatively affects the effect of immersion in virtual space.

The second drawback of Oculus Go is more serious – after 10-15 minutes in the helmet, the face starts to sweat strongly.

In addition, the helmet will be used together with the usual glasses. For them, a special rubber seal is included in the delivery set. The advantages of Oculus Go include spatial dynamics, the sound of which is enhanced by the contour of the front panel – so the effect of presence is created.

Key features of the Oculus Go

The main feature of Oculus Go is complete autonomy. The gadget does not need a smartphone, no computer, no additional sensors.

The producer does not provide the exact capacity of the battery built into the headset. In a mixed mode, you can count on two to two and a half hours of battery life. This is a good indicator.

The headset has the wide-quad LCD screen. The producer reports that this technology will enhance the visual quality of the picture in the headset. Special Oculus Lenses will add positive feelings for the user.

We have mentioned that the gadget does not require other devices for operation. But to upload new games and content to the headset you will need to synchronize it with your phone. Apps for iOS and Android are available free of charge.

This headset will be an awesome gift for any tech-lover. If you are looking for some budget-saving options, you can check this Millennium Falcon Lamp.